Transportation for residents of rural care home is a welcome relief

March 30, 2018

The 19 residents of the Morris Lodge in Bangor, Saskatchewan have relatives who live up to 50 miles away, and until a new grant from the Morris Foundation, those relatives had to travel to the remote area every time a doctor's visit or other outing was required. A specially-equipped Dodge Caravan will change all that. 


The lodge provides 24/7 care to its residents, many suffering from dementia, depression, and disabilities which do not

allow them to live unsupervised. Care home director Cherylynn Walters said the increased mobility will improve the mental well-being of the residents and provide much-needed relief to residents' relatives. "We will now be able to organize outings, in addition to transporting residents to and from appointments," she said. "It's a godsend!"

The van has been retrofitted to include a wheelchair accessory so even immobile patients can get a lift.


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