Who We Fund

The MORRIS Foundation adopted a proactive grant-making style of funding. Each spring the Foundation identifies potential grantees that focus on improving the lives of youth in western Canada, aged 12-25, living with or at risk of, mental illness and addiction.  These selected grantees are invited to submit an application for funding.

The Foundation focusses on organizations that address the Foundation's Areas of Impact and align with the Foundation's Vision and Mission and Values.

The Foundation assesses proposals that include all three objectives: 

  1. Address one or more of our Areas of Impact.

  2. Focus on youth, aged 12-25, as primary beneficiaries; and, show how the project is going to directly or indirectly improve the lives of youth living with mental illness and addictions.

  3. Measure the effectiveness of goals in the proposal.


The Foundation gives additional attention to proposals that also meet these descriptions:


  1. INNOVATIVE. We value proposals that focus on social innovation. Does the project use innovative approaches or ideas? This must be clear in the proposal.

  2.  EVIDENCE-BASED.  We value evidence-based decision-making. While this does not have to be formal research, some form of evidence needs to support the need for, and potential for, success of a proposal. 

  3. IMPACT MULTIPLE AREAS. If the project will address more than one of our Areas of Impact, it must be explained in the application.

  4. PARTNERS. We value partnerships because we believe more partners allow for more continuity and impact. Organizations should disclose current and potential partnerships in their funding application. 

  5. FOCUS ON PREVENTION. If the organization focuses on sources and causes of mental illness and addiction, the organization should explain their contribution to the prevention of mental illness and addictions in their application.

"It's not what you get out of life that counts,

but what you put into it."


- George H. Morris

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