Morris Foundation Annual Board Calendar
Fiscal Year - 2018-19






  • July - Work on developing Grantee Stories for the website, news release for grants and Quarterly Newsletter (all published first week of September)



  • 1st - Grantee Annual Report Deadline

  • 10th - ED & Board Chair Review of Grantee Annual Reports

  • 20th – Grantee Annual Report package (including recommendations on any issues) to Board

  • Last week – Summer Virtual Board Meeting (2 hours)



  • Last week – Quarterly Newsletter to all stakeholders (including grant announcements)

  • Last week – Post Grantee Stories on website

  • Last week – Press release announcing successful grantees for the year



  • 12th-13th - Fall Board Meeting (Kelowna – 1 day meeting; 1 day strategic planning review)

DAY 1: Strategic Plan Review

            Site Visit: The Kelowna Foundry

DAY 2: Board Meeting

--Year End Financial Report

--Investment Portfolio Reports

--Donation Report for June 30

--Presentation by Bradley Moss, Edmonton Theatre Network

--Approve year-end financial statements and Registered Charity Information Return

--Committee Policy Development & Reports
--Administrative Report: Review of Operating Plan & Grant Updates

2018 only: In future, this will happen at the August meeting:

--Review Grantee Annual Reports

--Provide feedback to ED to pass on to grantees


  • 15th-18th - Affinity Group Meeting & PFC Annual Conference (Toronto)



  • 1st-15th - Update web site for any new changes to funding policy/timelines from Fall meeting.


  • 15th - Announce opening of acceptance for Letters of Intent (LOIs)




  • First week – Quarterly Newsletter to all stakeholders

  • 15th – Reminder notice to Grantees about Mid-Year Grant Reports Submission Deadline





  • 15th – Letter of Interest (LOI) Deadline

  • 30th - Winter Virtual Board Meeting (2-3 hours)

--Review LOIs; Determine which go on to Application/Presentation



  • 5th – Notify LOIs of results

  • 28th - Mid-Term Grant Reports Due
    (To include next year’s Work Plan & Budget for multi-year grants)




  • 1st – Quarterly Newsletter to all stakeholders

  • 5th – Grant Application Deadline


  • 5th - Spring Board Meeting (Saskatoon – All day)

--Review Grant Applications & see presentations

--Speaker: Board Education

--Upcoming Year Work Plan

--Review Mid-Term Grant Reports
--Committee Policy Development & Reports
--Administrative Report


  • Virtual Board Meeting – Budget (1-2 hours) – DATE TBD

--Upcoming Year Budget Approval

--Last discussions around grants if needed

--Disbursement Quota Report for June 30 of NEXT year

  • By 31st– Communicate board’s funding decisions to all applicants




  • First week – Quarterly Newsletter to all stakeholders

  • 30th -  Fiscal Year End; All disbursements made by this date














Administrative Procedure – for Board Manual

Developed by: Suzanne Paschall

Date Submitted: April 13, 2018

Date Approved: April 13, 2018

Review Date: April, 2019

"It's not what you get out of life that counts,

but what you put into it."


- George H. Morris

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